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Internal Auditor Training

Course Objectives:

• Learn how to implement or upgrade to a Q1/ISO 9000 program at a company in the Petroleum and Natural Gas Industry.
• Learn how to plan and conduct the internal, API Q1/ISO 9000 audit, and focus on practical planning and follow-up strategies.
• Examine the attributes of a good auditor and focus on what is expected from an auditor.
• Find out how to recognize and write nonconformance standards.
• Get tips on how to develop corrective action documentation.
• Prioritize critical follow-up action items Course Outline.
• Quality concepts and why internal auditing is important
• The quality audit: types of audits.
• Definition of ISO standards.
• Q1/ISO 9000 quality system requirements.
• Planning the audit, checklist development.
• Auditing techniques.
• Ways to ensure effective communications during the audit.
• What makes an auditor qualified.
• Audit investigations.
• Conducting the audit.
• The opening and closing meeting.
• Audit roles: Lead, Auditor, Technical Specialist, Auditee (Escorts), Consultants.
• Data collection and the audit report.
• The audit review and caucus meetings.

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