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TIEC has extensive international experience and is dedicated to delivering services custom fit to the client’s needs. With our proven approach our clients receive practical, cost effective, real-world training, consulting and auditing services.

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TIEC Strategic Support Services

This service is best suited for companies with in-house quality personnel in need of direction or guidance . It provides the most cost-effective approach to Quality System development and implementation. TIEC performs a pre-assessment (GAP analysis), provides System development training and produces a Quality Manual. TIEC will train client personnel in developing System policies and documentation, creating forms and records, auditing techniques and the System Certification process. TIEC instructs client personnel in the development of a Quality Management System, while guiding company resources to achieve that goal in a most time-efficient manner. TIEC will utilize your company's current operating system and methods to minimize disruption of your operations during the implementation process. TIEC concludes with audit verification of System implementation.

TIEC Benchmark Support Services

This service is excellent for companies requiring a specialist to coordinate development and implementation of a Quality System. TIEC will instruct client personnel with Quality System development training, conduct a pre-assessment (GAP analysis) and produce a Quality Manual. TIEC will assist client personnel in structuring a multi-tiered Quality Management System. TIEC will participate in the development of forms, instructions and Operating Procedures, which support the policies of the Quality Manual. A Project Milestone chart will be established, identifying activities to be performed, in order to track progress and assure maximum productivity. Once the Quality System has been implemented, TIEC specialists will conduct a Systems Audit verifying compliance with the specification requirements in preparation of System Certification.

TIEC Executive Support Services
This service is recommended for companies with insufficient resources and/or manpower necessary to install a Quality System. TIEC's full-service support in Quality System development and implementation will instruct, coordinate, develop, assist, and implement a Quality System within a specified time - guaranteed . TIEC instructs client personnel with System development training and coordinates with client personnel in the development of policies, forms and work instructions. TIEC assists client personnel with implementation of procedures, records and auditing techniques. TIEC will produce a Quality Manual, SOP Manual and Work Instructions Manual. A Final Audit is conducted by TIEC to verify compliance with the requirements of System Certification. TIEC will provide support and assistance during the Certification Audit.

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