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TIEC has extensive international experience and is dedicated to delivering services custom fit to the client’s needs. With our proven approach our clients receive practical, cost effective, real-world training, consulting and auditing services.

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Comprehensive Services

Quality System Development and Implementation
For the aggressive business seeking expansion, world market acceptance, a higher quality product, and a superior level of control, implementation of a quality system is vital. Our specialists will clearly describe the methodology behind the quality concept, discuss possible deficiencies at your company, and produce a logical step by step plan customized to your organization, complete with a timetable and cost estimate.

Multiple Quality Standards Specialists We offer proven experience building and auditing systems to the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 requirements, API Specification Q1, ISO 16949 requirements, and ASME codes. Whether it requires planning through certification and maintenance, writing several procedures, or just several hours of consulting, we have the experience required to get the job done right and on-time.

Pre-assessment, Internal Audit, Management Review
Our specialists have audited and assessed quality systems at facilities employing from twelve to more than thirty-thousand workers. This experience, along with a thorough understanding of the various standards, ensures prompt, accurate and beneficial results.

Vendor Audits and Surveillance TIEC can survey manufacturing and quality capabilities to ensure that suppliers maintain the quality standards of you and your customers by verifying that equipment and materials conform to contractual specifications. Depending on your needs, this survey will probe the firm's experience, technical resources, production capacity, quality control procedures and systems.

Full-Service Technical Support
TIEC provides services for product design and analysis, development of welding procedures, qualification of welders, assistance in equipment purchases, troubleshooting, failure analysis and technical writing. TIEC often performs the functions of a QA/QC/Technical Services Department for clients, providing a professional, cost effective alternative to full-time personnel without costly overhead burdens. We offer Quality System Maintenance by performing periodical audits to ensure all operations are in compliance with your requirements.

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