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TIEC has extensive international experience and is dedicated to delivering services custom fit to the client’s needs. With our proven approach our clients receive practical, cost effective, real-world training, consulting and auditing services.

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TIEC President

Ed Durante is an engineering professional with more than 25 years experience in Project Management, Product Design, Quality Assurance, Training, and Auditing in the nuclear, petroleum, industrial construction, and manufacturing industries. He has worked more than 18 years with API's Standardization Committees, serving as a member of the API Committee on Quality, Chairman of the API Subcommittee on Auditor Training and Qualification, as well as other leadership positions.

Mr. Durante is the author and instructor of the API Specification Q1 Training Program, presented on behalf of API worldwide. Mr. Durante is also, one of the most experienced API Auditors.

Ed takes a personal interest in every project conducted by TIEC Inc., and has a specialized hands-on management style-he is personally involved in all projects .




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