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ROWAN HOUSE Ltd. is an independent consultancy established in 1990 that has expertise in process plant design, control and safety, providing a national UK service. Our technical staff are graduate engineers with operations and consulting experience. All are members of IChemE subject groups and are committed to the Institution's professional development programme.

Mr. Hamdy Mahmoud
Training Officer
Mob. +965 60631370
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Process Safety

ROWAN HOUSE Ltd. has a culture of safety that has been honed by its dealings with the major process manufacturing companies. Our technical staff are principally chemical engineers that have expertise developed across a broad spectrum of the process industries. This means that we are familiar with the type of materials that you handle and can provide expert advice on how to process them safely.

Accident Investigation
Dr John Cox leads our accident investigation team and audits our safety work. John is a Registered Safety Professional and a Fellow of the Institution of Chemical Engineers and an Expert Witness and Member of the Academy of Experts.

We have carried out investigations on behalf of loss adjusters where process plant has catastrophically failed and, at other times, participated as team members of other incident investigations. Our independence and expertise means that the findings are robust and withstand close scrutiny.

Process Safety Studies
HAZOP Service - We offer a complete and flexible HAZOP management service, from Hazop secretary-only support (a graduate chemical engineer) to full HAZOP management utilising our own HAZOP software based on the Institution of Chemical Engineers practice, including providing the HAZOP secretary and chairman and undertaking HAZOP preparation, progressing and tracking actions through to the issuing of the final report.

Safety Reviews - We offer to undertake safety reviews at any point during a plant life in order to assess the risk associated with a particular design. We offer expertise in hazardous area designs for both gases and dusts and, for example, have specific experience in the assessment of sewage sludge drying plant and are able to advise on explosion prevention and mitigation techniques for this particularly dangerous material.

- IEC61508 and IEC61511 Functional Safety Capability
- BS EN 61508 / IEC 61511 / S84 / UKOOA Guidelines
- Risk Graph development
- HAZ1508
- DSEAR (Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations)
- Functional Safety Experts.

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