Mr. Hamdy Mahmoud
Training Officer
Mob. +965 60631370
Email: hamdy@futurekw.com

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Who we are?

We Future Solutions Company (FSC) are a new established company in Kuwait while the partners are having an excellent experience in the petroleum and petrochemical industries. FSC has a distinict stuff of the best professional engineers in different speciallists.

FSC is didicated to delivering services custom fit to its clients needs. In FSC we provide a hands-on approach to assure our client recieves practical, cost effective, real-world training, consulting and auditing services.

FSC provides assistance in the development implementation and maintenance of Quality Systems in compliance with industry standards (API, ISO, ASME, AS, QS) leading to system certification and/or product licensing. We utilize this multi-cultural experience to assist our clients in promoting thier products and services in today's global market.

FSC has an agency agreement with a leading American incorporation in the field of Technical and Management Training, Career development, Technical consultancy and Quality assurance, Texas International Engineering Consultants (TIEC) which has an established market in Quality system development and management all types of auditing and survelliance, and Engineering & Technical support services.

Since 1991, TIEC has offered customized training for Quality, Leadership, Safety, Environmental, Process, Maintenance, and many other topics. Many of the classes provided by TIEC are eligible for API certificate of completion and Qualification for continuing education credits. TIEC has a global presence through affiliates around the world.

We in FSC consider training not only doses of theoritical materials given to the attendees, but also we consider that the measuring of training effectiveness is a must, so our mission is not only training but also measuring the effectiveness of the training.
Our vision of the modern training putting into consideration the following:

  • Reaction.
  • Learning.
  • Behavior.
  • Result.
  • Return of Investment (ROI).
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